“One of the 100 Most Influential People in Fitness and Happiness” according to Greatist. Albert Nerenberg is the founder of the American Laughing Championships, Laughercize and works as a Laughologist, traveling the world studying and advocating for laughter.

Nerenberg helped develop laughter therapy techniques for drug addiction, and a support treatment for sufferers of ALS.

He writes a popular series for the Montreal Gazette on the New Positivity and the Science of Fun. Nerenberg recently directed the breakout documentary Laughology CTV network and Canal D.  Nerenberg often demonstrates contagious laughter techniques with large groups who “often end up rolling in the aisles, literally.” (CBC) As a filmmaker he has been the subject of retrospectives at the Just for Laughs Festival and the CInematheque Quebecoise. Nerenberg believes the promotion of laughter skills is the best way to bring about, gentle non-judgemental change.

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